Best breakfast on the Cathar Way…

Just about Us | 2nd June 2019

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Luke & Nell - travelling the world together the slow way Best breakfast on the Cathar Way… We recently had Luke & Nell from ’what if we walked?’ stay with us, while they did research for a new book on walking the Cathar...

A huge thank you to our guests!

Just about Us | 11th January 2019

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We've just seen out our first year at Bonnes Saisons, it's been really enjoyable, lots of hard work and a real learning curve but it's good to know that we seem to be doing something right because we have just received a winners notificat...

The other morning, our view looked like a film set!

Round and about Puivert | 13th July 2018

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You can maybe see why Roman Polanski used The Chateau at Puivert as a location in the 'Ninth Gate' (starring Jonny Depp and Lena Olin), a plot about an unscrupulous book dealer being drawn deep into a world of murder, double-dealing and...

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   Over the last week or so, we've seen a big increase in the insect life buzzing around the garden and visiting all the flowers and plants.There's been a cloud of the guys on the left over the lavender, gently swaying along with the b...

‘Les Bleus’ – for one night only!

Round and about Puivert | 11th July 2018

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World Cup Semi Final night, France against Belgium and everyone (especially the locals) watching in the Brewery. Have to say we were cheering on France not just because we live here but we fancy taking them on in the Final after we get ...

Camon – ‘The village of 100 Rosebushes’

Round and about Puivert | 20th May 2018

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Camon, voted one of 'Frances Most Beautiful Villages', nestles around an ancient Benedictine Abbey. There is some wonderful architecture to see and every May the whole of Camon is in bloom with roses, celebrated by an annual Rose Festiv...

The French Paras drop in!

Round and about Puivert | 24th April 2018

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    Obviously heard about our place and were desperate to get in while there was still some availability! Each Spring the French Army carry out various manoeuvres around here, among them a series of parachute drops where the soldier...

Nous avons passé un séjour parfait

Pour Susan et Tony Nous avons passé deux journées très agréables à « Bonnes Saisons » et nous vous remercions pour votre accueil très chaleureux au cœur de votre maison. Nous avons apprécié le confort moderne et esthétique de notre chambre, l’espace, la qualité de la literie, la salle d’eau : trè...

Jacques et Mireille (Carqueiranne)
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