The other morning, our view looked like a film set!

Round and about Puivert | 13th July 2018

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You can maybe see why Roman Polanski used The Chateau at Puivert as a location in the 'Ninth Gate' (starring Jonny Depp and Lena Olin), a plot about an unscrupulous book dealer being drawn deep into a world of murder, double-dealing and...

‘Les Bleus’ – for one night only!

Round and about Puivert | 11th July 2018

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World Cup Semi Final night, France against Belgium and everyone (especially the locals) watching in the Brewery. Have to say we were cheering on France not just because we live here but we fancy taking them on in the Final after we get ...

Camon – ‘The village of 100 Rosebushes’

Round and about Puivert | 20th May 2018

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Camon, voted one of 'Frances Most Beautiful Villages', nestles around an ancient Benedictine Abbey. There is some wonderful architecture to see and every May the whole of Camon is in bloom with roses, celebrated by an annual Rose Festiv...

The French Paras drop in!

Round and about Puivert | 24th April 2018

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    Obviously heard about our place and were desperate to get in while there was still some availability! Each Spring the French Army carry out various manoeuvres around here, among them a series of parachute drops where the soldier...

Love this sculpture

Round and about Puivert | 8th April 2018

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Just had to stop the other day and take a picture of the 'Fighting Stallions' on the road into nearby Chalabre. I just love the sculpture and every time I pass it, there's something different to see due to how the light and time of year...

Carnival time!

Round and about Puivert | 12th March 2018

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Sunday morning and the sun was shining in Limoux for the dancing groups and bands parading around the streets and main square of the town. To think 'carnival' all started here, it's said there would be no Rio de Janeiro or Notting Hill...

Skiing over Christmas

Round and about Puivert | 26th December 2017

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Our first Christmas here took us to Ax-les-Thermes, a short drive from Puivert through some breath taking scenery and winding hill climbs and descents. Our daughter who is the skier in the family, found the conditions perfect and wil...

Like a needle in a haystack

Dear Sue and Tony, being back to everyday life again, we often remember our beautiful holiday with you in Puivert and 'le pays cathare'. We were really lucky to find your house - like a needle in a haystack. We enjoyed our stay with you so much, you two were such kind hosts and we really felt absolutely comfortable. Th...

Annette and Michael (Germany)
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