Credits and Acknowledgements

It’s only when you do something like produce your own a website, that you really understand those acknowledgements you glance at in the foreword of a book. They’re not really there for the slightly curious reader, they’re there purely for those mentioned.

It’s because they have helped you create something, so you hope your appreciation and recognition of their contribution means as much to them, as their help did to you.

We’d like to say thank you to the following people:

Maggie Williams for her continued enthusiasm for what we are doing and generosity in letting us use so many of her pictures both on the site and in the house. Maggie is just a natural photographer with an eye for a great picture, we love her work and have a selection available to buy on display in the gîte.

Damian Way at Ohmania who I’m sure insisted we built this site in WordPress just to make me suffer doing it, then regretted it with the amount of support he had to give me – but what are friends for after all!

Alex Lowe, another friend who helped create the final version of the logo we designed and various bits of marketing material.

Paul and Jane Bayliss from Brasserie du Quercorb for their encouragement, pictures and of course, great beer!

Plus the following people who we don’t know and have never met but are willing to let ‘start-up’ businesses like us use their material for free and by doing so, helped make our site far more visually interesting.

Anna Hamilton, Tim Foster, Nadim Merrikh at Unsplash, Gregory Palmer at Pixaby, Terje Sollie at Pexels and Chance Agrella at Freerangestock.

We loved everything.

Susan and Tony were very welcoming and the place is great. Clean, renovated and very quiet ( note : there were no other guests when we stayed just after end of latest lockdown). Breakfast was amazing. Really worth a stay.  ...

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